Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Zoha Ameen

Bahria University, Pakistan

Title: Rising awareness of mental Health issues


As we all know that internal and external is an very important for all human beings . If we internally fit we have no stress / no sickness no tension free of all theses types anxiety pressure. And  etc. the our external health is automatically good then ur behavior is positive we think positive behave positive everything in our daily life we can do for our happy life's struggle , i want to research on people  then test on them how they react  comparison between normal and sick / person those suffering from mental illness or sickness , i will apply different methods on them then cure them to return them in a happy or tension free life
Or how they behave without counselling our youth mostly engage in depression / anxiety different kind of diseases , i will survey and conduct information from different communities of people they have different cutler  and myths theirs behavior also their elevens are strong related to their culture