Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Damiano Testa

University of Parma, Italy

Title: How activism correlates with well-being in adolescence, a systematic review


The evidence shows that activism in adolescents is positively correlated with mental health and well- being, but there is a lack of in-depth research about this correlation. There are just a few studies, however, that refer to adolescent activism as a specific shape of social engagement, positively correlated to a multitude of well-being outcomes.
Methods: The present study aim to analyze correlation between activism and well-being during the adolescence by reviewing studies from the past 10 years to better analyze the impact of these topics on nowadays situation and to hypothesize the direction of it soon.

Analyzing these studies, it emerged that activism during adolescence has been researched as a phenomenon that acts on various shades of well-being, both at a personal and a collective level. Among the selected studies, only one shows that activism is linked to more health-risk behaviors, rather than mental health.
Conclusions: Creating a group environment that enables adolescents to build up their knowledge and personal craving, work jointly on issues of bilateral interest, build skills, and increase social connections not only may lead to tangible social change but could also have significant psychological benefits for the young people involved.


Damiano Testa is a psychologist who has completed a master on Learning Disabilities in 2016 for ?Centro studi Erickson? and master on Applied Behavior Analysis in 2022 for University of Parma, Italy. He has experienced his job by working with Adolescents and children with social, behavioral, cognitive issues. He is the CEO of Centro Labirinto, a center focused on psychology, psychotherapy and learning in lifetime span