Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Daniel J. Guerra

Authentic Biochemistry, United States

Title: A Biochemical Event Ontology on the Axis of the Immune and Neuropsychiatric systems: an Epigenetic Dialectic


Biological phenomena involve the a priori synthesis of a Reception and Signal Transduction Cascade Network (RSTCN).This pattern of cohering events appear as energetic and mass dynamics ; much like chemical bonds. The Dialectical interactions between environment and inheritance event a trigonal planar axis ontology via stochastic epigenetic re-tailoring of a biological communication system using the immunological domain. This is a well-established immuno-epi-transcriptomic and lipidomic tailoring of neural, endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular, adipose, muscle and metabolic response to the micro and macro-environment through classical constitutive-surveillance and acquired- effector cellular and humoral defense mechanisms using reversible covalent modification and hydrophobic interactions of nucleic acids, carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. A synthesis of these phenomena toward a central molecular theory for free-will driven/agency-based existing individual adaptation and assimilation that better explains the core event ontology of individual CNS development and decline, at the molecular level, would obtain a sharper grasp of the biochemical/physiological processes that become chronically compromised upon processing of perceived threatening experiential and existential phenomena.  The neuropsychiatric event ontology is explicitly mediated via epigenetic modification of membrane associated signaling including synaptic neurobiochemical transmission and down stream action potential reinforcement. A thorough analysis followed by synthesis of the research literature driven by the faculties of the mind including instantiating ideation and knowledge-ordered conceptualization will be employed to apprehend this theory.