Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Daniel Wandera Clief Naku

St John’s University , Tanzania

Title: Phsycological contributors to mental illness in africa: aTheoretical review for policy advancement


While the population on the African continent is expected to double over the next three decades, there is increasing pressures on many people in particular the young generation who across the region are already struggling to earn a livelihood in highly competitive labor markets. This situation in one way or another is accelerating the problem of mental illness on the continent as many people especially the young experience or are likely to experience psychological problems when they fail to realize their ambitions, and consequently, some are forced to turn to substance misuse as a means of alleviating their frustration.

Amidst such situation, it is imperative that governments, researchers, donors, and development practitioners direct their attention to fully exploring and understanding key psychological contributors to mental health issues on the continent such that they become well informed and thus formulate effective and appropriate policies that will gear towards address this growing concern on the continent.

Through a theoretical perspective, I will therefore wish to share with the conference audience on the theoretical consolidated perspectives on the psychological contributors to mental illness in Africa for the purpose of advancing policy formulation towards addressing this concern on the continent


I am a policy analyst and program specialist but also involved in university teaching at St John’s University of Tanzania as well as executing assignments relating to Research, Monitoring and Evaluation of programs and projects. I am a holder of a PhD in Policy Analysis and Programme Management, holder of two master degrees in the fields of Development Planning and Management as well as Development Economics. I am also a holder of a first-class honors Bachelor of Science Degree in Urban and Regional Planning of the University of Dar es Salaamin Tanzania.

Besides engaging in teaching, research and consultancy, I also provide professional trainings on Grant Proposal Writing, Research Methodology, Project Planning and Management as well as Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Programmes and Projects. Finally, I am an author off our knowledge imparting books titled; Extending the Frontiers of Knowledge through Research and Publications; Going Strategic at the Community Level: An Insight into the How’s of Strategic Planning at the Community Level; Project Concept Note and Proposal Writing Guide:The Art of Writing Project Concept Notes and Proposals for Development Projects; and Project Analysis and Evaluation for Development Practitioners and Academicians: A Guide to Project Analysis and Evaluation of Development Projects.