Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Divya Kanchibhotla

Sri Institute for Advanced Research, India

Title: Alleviating Work Exhaustion, Improving Professional Fulfillment, and Influencing Positivity Among Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19: A Study on Sudarshan Kriya Yoga


Demanding work-life and excessive workload, the conflict between professional and personal lives, problems with patients and those related to the occurrence of death and high risk for their own life are a few factors causing burnout, disengagement, and dissatisfaction in the professional lives of healthcare professionals (HCPs). The situation worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is of utmost importance to find effective solutions to mitigate the stress and anxiety adversely affecting the mental well-being and professional lives of HCPs. This study was designed to examine the efficacy of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) for alleviating work exhaustion, improving Professional Fulfillment, and influencing positivity among HCPs during COVID-19. In a comparative observation before the intervention (Pre), after the intervention (Post), and 30 days after the intervention (Day 30) in the Experimental Group (29 physicians) and Control Group(27 physicians), it was found that immediately after SKY, HCPs experienced a significant improvement in Professional Fulfillment (p = 0.009), work exhaustion (0.008), positive affect (p = 0.02), and negative affect (p < 0.001) compared to the Control Group. The effect of SKY continued until Day 30 for Professional Fulfillment and had positive and negative effects. Findings suggest that SKY elevated Professional Fulfillment among HCPs during the COVID-19 pandemic and reduced their work exhaustion and the negative effect on their mental health. SKY can aid HCPs in maintaining their well-being when faced with unprecedented challenges.


Divya Kanchibhotla is the Executive Director of Sri Sri Institute for Advanced Research (SSIAR) which is the research wing of the Art of Living. Divya is an Engineer and a Scientist with B.Tech and an M.Tech degree in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology from the premier Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Delhi followed by a Master’s degree in Molecular and Human Genetics from Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA. She worked as a Senior Scientist at Boston Scientific, USA, where she was involved in creating bio-degradable stents. Under her leadership in the last 22 months, SSIAR has initiated 55 scientific studies with 6 publications in high impact international scientific journals, including the first-ever research study on the prestigious Intuition Program of Art of Living. Several other studies are being carried out in collaboration with international scientists. She has initiated research studies not only on Sudarshan Kriya Yoga, the hallmark technique of Art of Living, but also on other holistic techniques of Meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda, studying novel areas like Women’s health and Psycho-social care that Art of Living provides. She has been invited to speak and share the research findings at various international conferences in Europe, USA and the Far East.

Under her leadership, SSIAR is conducting collaborative research with scientists from premier Institutes (IIT, NIMHANS, AIIMS) in India, Singapore, UK, and USA, on Sudarshan Kriya Yoga and other Art of Living Initiatives.