Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Felix Bigabo

Researcher at Prison Fellowship , Rwanda

Title: From child to a genocide perpetrator: Narrative identity analysis among genocide perpetrators in Rwanda.


Identity as analysed in this study refers to the concept of dynamic construction. It focuses on the past, the present and future life of individuals, with emphasis on the autobiographical memories, present day experiences and the anticipated future of genocide perpetrators by exploring the self- perception of genocide perpetrators, in the context of their psychosocial rehabilitation.The Biographic Narrative Interpretive Methods (BNIM) were used for the collection and analysis of life stories of the eight genocide prisoners incarcerated in Muhanga Prison of Rwanda. As results, what is important in this study is the exploration of the account of the self-perception of the convicted genocide perpetrators throughout pre- and post-genocide Rwanda and the way they project their future self. Two main feelings from their narratives were outlined: the feeling of the abandoned and the feeling of the abandoner in the context of making sense and meaning out of their lives. Results revealed that positioning of genocide perpetrators through their narratives can influence positively or negatively their rehabilitation.


Felix Bigabo has completed Master’s degree in psychology, with major in counseling. He is the head of Research, capacity building department at Prison   Fellowship   Rwanda.   He   has   a   firm experience of over 14 years in the field of community psychotherapy, reconciliation and psychosocial rehabilitation of genocide perpetrators and genocide survivors. He has carried