Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Laura Margarita Daza-Murcia

Universidad Industrial de Santander - UIS, Colombia

Title: Meditation practice: A Welcome Activity in a Pre-service Teacher Education Program during Pandemic


Emergency Remote Teaching, ERT, was the instruction modality adopted by universities to face social distancing generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. This sudden adjustment mostly affected undergraduate students from an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) pre-service teacher education program offered at a public university in Colombia, who expressed having felt challenged, sad, disappointed, uncomfortable, and anxious before the virtual lectures began. For this reason, a Meditation practice was implemented as a welcome activity in three different Pedagogy courses during the first 2020 academic semester. Thus, this mixed study analyzed the effects of the Meditation practice from the students’ perspective. The participants were 74 undergraduates, with an age range between 18 and 25 years (M = 20.33). The data was gathered through two semi-structured online surveys and a Semantic Differential Scale with two questions. The qualitative data were studied following the Grounded Theory, whereas the quantitative data were analyzed according to the emotional reactions in the activity scale. Final results identified the following effects of the Meditation practice: inner peace, readiness to learn, strong focus, mental health, innovation, comfort with ERT, and empathy. It can be concluded that the Meditation practice had positive effects on students’ attitude towards ERT.


Mrs. Laura Margarita Daza-Murcia is a passionate educator who holds a Master’s degree of education, a Specialization in educational management, and a Bachelor of arts in English. She works as a Pedagogy professor for the UIS School of Languages and as an Academic Consultant. Among her research interests is easy to identify Growth Mindset, Metacognition, Self-regulated Learning, Meditation in education, Neuroeducation and Social justice in education.