Virtual Conference

Mariko Makino

Toho University, Japan

Title: The outcome of eating disorders. Family support influence and ED relapse and postpartum depression


The aim of this study was to identify relapse 0f Eating Disorders(EDs) during pregnancy and after delivery as well as postpartum depression in women who had complete remission of EDs. 25participants consented to participate in This study. The duration of the study was 10 years.16participants was experienced ED relapse during pregnancy and 12 relapsed after delivery.12 had postpartum depression. There was no significant difference between the family support group and non-support group as for the incidence of postpartum depression and ED relapse after delivery. This study revealed that recurrence of EDs and the occurrence of postpartum depression were higher in this population. The role of family support may be complicated in this population, indicating the need to closely monitor Eds from the onset of disease to pregnancy and after delivery


Mariko has completed her PHD at the age of 40 from toho Unuversity, Japan and also had her PHD at the University of Melbourne ,Australia.Her ancestor was the first man exported silk from Yokohama to NY. She has been influenced her ancestor and she belonged to JICA(Japan International cooperation Agency) from 1992-2021.She visited over 100 countries to help the people living in developing countries. Her hobby was mountaineering including climbing, canoeing, heliskiing. She was admitted By Canadian Mountain Holidays as a million feeter. She likes KIMONO.