Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Maryam Naeem

Bahria University, Pakistan

Title: How covid 19 has influenced on peoples mental health


Covid 19 is a pandemic caused by the SARS virus. Covid 19 has changed the life of every person in this world, it has influenced the mental health of people in many ways especially students covid 19 is a communicable disease which can spread from one person to another because of which a government imposed a lockdown, everything was closed shopping malls, schools, many Doctors had stopped doing check-ups, everything was affected   education, sleeping pattern, particularly our mental health. The purpose of my study is to evaluate the impact of covid 19 on mental health of students. for this i would conduct an online survey for this i would take 500 students at university. i would conduct 15 questions for this survey about their gender, age, how frequently they sleep, how frequently they wash their hands etc. The result of this survey would enable us to address the issues and would help in preventive measures .
My main aim is to predict the impact of covid 19 on students' mental health because many psychological issues like fear, suicide, anxiety, loneliness, and many other issues are borne out by this pandemic .


Maryam Naeem is a student at bahria university Islamabad Currently enrolled in public health (BS) and expected to graduate in the 2024, CGPA is 3.29 has completed his FSC from army public college karachi  at the age of 18. and done his matriculation from Karachi with 80%