Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Mohammad Q Abdullah

University of Aleppo,, Syria

Title: The Relationship between Internet Addiction and Temperament among Children and Adolescents


This study examined the relationship between internet addiction and temperament among children and adolescents. Additionally, it aimed  to explore the differences between boys and girls and between children and adolescents for internet addiction. 351 children (167 boys and 184  girls) aged from 10 to 15 years of age (M=11.6 male, and 13.9 female), attending all primary and preparatory school located in Aleppo. The  participants completed measures of Internet Addiction Scale for Children (IASC), and the Temperament Assessment Scale for Children (TASC).  The findings showed that boys were more addicted than female. Results also revealed that positive and significant correlation between internet  addiction and Intensity, Mood, Distractibility, and Physical Sensitivity, on one side, and negatively with Activity, and Regularity on the other side.