Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Nadeem Luqman

Associate Professor, India

Title: Relationship between personality traits, psychological distress and suicidal ideation among students


The study was aimed at assessing the relationship between personality traits and psychological distress with suicidal ideation among students. The effect of demographic variables such as gender personality traits, psychological distress and suicidal ideation among students was also examined. A sample of 100 students (51 males and 49 females) was administered self-reporting questionnaires namely the HEXACO personality inventory, Kessler psychological distress scale and Beck’s suicidal ideation scale. Correlational analysis of personality traits and suicidal ideation through Pearson’s correlation revealed a significant negative correlation implying an inverse relationship between extraversion and suicidal ideation and conscientiousness and suicidal ideation. No significant relationship was found between suicidal ideation and other
personality traits like agreeableness, honesty-humility, openness to experience and emotionality. A significant positive correlation or relationship was found between psychological distress and suicidal ideation. Comparative analysis, conducted through t-test, for gender differences in personality traits revealed female students having significantly higher scores than male students on personality traits like emotionality and openness to experience suggesting an effect of gender on these traits. However, no effect of gender was found on
remaining dimensions of personality like extraversion, honesty-humility, conscientiousness and agreeableness. Further, female students were found to experience significantly higher psychological distress than male students. No effect of gender on suicidal ideation was found.


Awarded with PhD in 2012, since then started three departments of psychology in three different institutions. Knows 5 data analysis software guided 80 masters dissertations have a number of publications. Freelance PhD guidance not only on psychology but other subjects like Management, Life sciences.