Virtual Conference
Mental Health2022

Naila Koech

, Kenya

Title: Sources of information on COVID-19 among the youths and its implications on mental health. A cross-sectional study in Nairobi, Kenya


Our study aimed at looking at the specific sources of information on Covid-19 during the pandemic among the youths. In assessing this, we were able to analyze how the different sources of information affected their mental health. During the pandemic, the world was facing an ongoing challenge of misinformation and disinformation which the World Health Organization called an “Infodemic”.The infodemic caused a hindrance to health communication and had severe public health consequences including fear, stigma, stress and mental deterioration. We surveyed two hundred and seventy two youth participants using an online questionnaire in a cross sectional study in Nairobi. Social media platforms were reported to be one of the primary sources of fake news which resulted in stress and mental morbidity. The results showed that 72.4% of the youth thought that facebook was the biggest source of fake and misleading information and about 35.7% of the youth felt confused by the misinformation resulting in adverse effects on the mood and mental health of the participants. Such findings were hoped to be a guide to inform national preparedness strategies for mental health in an information dense society and address misinformation circulated via social media.