Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Orly Yona Drori

Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Title: Addiction to binge eating among woman Negative and positive affect as mediators between early childhood maternalempathy& intrusiveness and the addiction


Why do women binge eat? Looking for answers, our study integrates, for the first time, the Escape Theory from negative emotions (Heatherton & Baumeister, 1991) and the addiction component of BED, to examine the mediation of negative affect between early childhood maternal relationships and Binge Eating addiction (BEA). Additional novelty is the examination of positive affect as mediator. Possible expiations to why women become addicted to binge eating will be discussed. A convenience sample of 890 Israeli women were located via the Internet, and after consenting to participate in the study, they completed a series of structured questionnaires. The results showed that negative and positive affect mediate the correlation between the mother's attitude in the early childhood and the addiction to binge eating. These finding are being consistent with our previous study (Yona-Drori & Ben-Shlomo, 2020) indicating strong correlation between self-differentiation and the addiction to binge eating amongwomen who experienced psychological abuse.The study contributes to the therapy of women with Binge Eating addictions, as it raises awareness of therapeutic-related content of the women surrounding in the past and the present. Self-processing these contents could strengthen women to cope with situations in their lives without the need to Binge. One of the significant variables for therapeutic work is the negative affect, Possible understanding of its sources may lead to a unique psychotherapy for women addicted to binge eating.


Clinical Dietitian B.Sc and Clinical Social Worker MSW, Phd st' at the Bar-Ilan University. Social Worker at Lev-Hashron Mental Health Center, Pardesya, Israel. Privet Clinic specialized in therapy for women and men who are dealing with addictions and food addiction. Researcher in the field of Addiction to Binge Eating