Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Riddhita Parikh

GLS University, India

Title: Cybervictimization, Psychological well-being and Psychotherapy: An Indian Perspective


The word “cyber” is a prefix that is often used in relationship with information technology. Cyber-crime refers to the crimes that involve the use of computers as one of its prime weapons. There are a variety of cyber-crimes existing in the world. Likewise, a cyber-criminal may use different methods to 3attack and exploit the targeted person. According to National Crime Record Bureau (2020), the cyberbullying rate in India is 27.6%. The report reveals that online crime related to transmission and publication of sexually explicit was 47.1% in the year 2020. Psychological well-being implies to the ability of an individual to manage the painful or negative emotions effectively – that which is essential for a person’s long-term well-being. Online victimization may have a devasting impact on the mind of the victim. It might disrupt the personal, occupational, social and psychological well-being of the victim. Such alarming statistics demands continuous and evolving research in the field of online crime. The current research is a quantitative study including 14 female participants aged 20-30 years of age. The participants were given the PGI General Well-being Measure developed by Dr. Santosh K. Verma and Ms. Anita Verma to measure the impact of online victimization on the person’s psychological well-being. The results of the study suggest that there does not exist a positive correlation between the cyber-crime and psychological well-being. The reason for the same could be that the negative impact of cyber-victimization might lead to anxiety, worry, feelings of uselessness, lack of productivity and creativity. The research concludes by providing some therapeutic remedies to overcome the trauma of being victimized online.


I am pleased to introduce myself as Dr. Riddhita Parikh, Assistant Professor in Psychology at Faculty of Law, GLS University. My teaching at the college focus on domains like core psychology, gender crimes, legal psychology, criminology and forensic and cyber psychology. I have completed my Ph. D in the field of Clinical Psychology with my research focusing in the area of neurodevelopmental disorders. My association with teaching field is over 10 years. Currently, I am associated with Red Flower Publication, New Delhi, India as Editor Board Member, hold life time membership at International Association of Holistic Psychology and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. So far have participated in various workshops, conferences, seminars specifically pertaining to the field of psychology.