Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Smita Agarkar

Gracie Square Hospital, USA

Title: Innovative approaches in managing inpatient hospitalizations for COVID 19 Psychiatric patients


In 2020 the World Health organization declared COVID 19 as a pandemic. With the replication of virus and the increasing number of variants the global threat of corona virus persists. The pandemic has now spanned over two years and the world continues to grapple with challenges about infection control. In the United States mental health crisis was present prior to the onset of pandemic. With the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic and recent Omicron surge the challenges have exacerbated. Lessons learnt from SARS and Ebola outbreak have indicated that even after the control of infection, mental health issues persist. Use of digital technology has extrapolated in the last two years with increasing mental health crisis and rising need for services. Seriously mentally ill patients present with medical comorbidities and disparities in access to medical care is a serious concern. Our experiences in creating specialized COVID 19 psychiatric units during 2020 crisis, most recent Omicron surge has put us on fore front of designing strategies for COVID 19 psychiatric inpatient units. We present innovative approaches in patient triages, admissions, managing medical and psychiatric emergencies, using digital technology to improve patient care and treatment of clinical conditions on inpatient psychiatric units.