Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Syeda Razia Bukhari

Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology,, Pakistan



Objective: The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly influenced public mental well-being. In this manner, observing and oversight of the population's mental well-being amid the emergencies such as a widespread Covid may be a provoke need. The reason for this study is to inquire about the Prevalence of depression, anxiety, and stress in common public amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Methods: This descriptive and a cross-sectional study was conducted from May 2020 to July 2020 at Islamabad, Pakistan. Total 300 (Male = 157 & Female = 143)(Mean age 30.96 ±11.456 years) individuals were participated in the current study. All participants were approached at their home demographic form, Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale-21 (Urdu version) were used to investigate the variables of the study. Descriptive statistics, t test, one-way ANOVA were used for data analysis on SPSS- (V-23.00).

Results: The incidence of depression, anxiety and stress were markedly high among general public. Result indicated No depression 10.3%, Mild depression 7.3%, Moderate depression 14.3%, Severe depression 17.3% and Extremely severe depression 58.8%; No anxiety 8.7%, Mild anxiety 4.7, Moderate anxiety 9.3%, Severe anxiety 13.0% and extremely severe anxiety 64.3% and No stress 19.0%, Mild stress 9.7%, Moderate stress 15.7% Severe stress 34.0% and Extremely severe stress 21.6%. Further result revealed significant gender, family structure and socioeconomic status difference in depression, anxiety and stress (p<0.01)

Conclusion: It is concluded that COVID-19 not only causes medical wellbeing concerns but moreover causes a number of mental wellbeing disorders. The spread of the COVID-19 essentially impacted the mental well-being of people from all communities. Subsequently, it is imperative to secure the mental wellbeing of human creatures and to construct up wellbeing methods and mediations that can improve the mental wellbeing of vulnerable groups at the time of COVID-19 widespread.

KEYWORDS:  COVID-19, Depression, Anxiety, Stress & General Public