Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Zehra Su Topba?

Erciyes University, Republic of Turkey

Title: Effect of Animal Assisted Interventions on Mental Health of Inmates: A Systematic Review


This study aims to examine the effects of animal-assisted interventions on prisoners. The literature review was conducted with PubMed, ScienceDirect, Web of Science, Wiley Online Library, APAPsyc NET and Academic Search Ultimate, ULAKB?M Database. To search these databases, the words “animal assisted, pet assisted, dog assisted, horse assisted, interventions, therapy, inmate, prisoner” were used in combination. Seven studies were found that met the inclusion criteria. Two of the studies in this study was conducted according to quantitative research method, one to the mixed method, and four to the qualitative research method. As a result of, it was seen that the animal-assisted interventions used in penitentiary institutions positively had affected the psychosocial health of prisoners. It was found that these interventions helped prisoners gain new skills such that coping with negative thoughts and stress, management of anger and negative emotion, self-awareness and self-expression. It was also seen that these interventions reduce maladaptive behaviors such as self-harm and aggression. These results suggested that animal-assisted interventions maybe beneficial in penitentiary institutions. Therefore, more studies should be done to see the potential of these interventions.


Zehra Su Topba? has completed her master from Ankara Y?ld?r?m Beya z?t University, Turkey. She is a research assistant and also PhD student in the Department of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing at Erciyes University. Her research interests are addictions and telehealth.