Virtual Conference


The Scientex Conference offers a global forum for the exchange of ideas and continues to update the latest developments in various subjects. Opportunity to engage in the presentations of prominent scientists from around the world. Global networking: the transfer and sharing of ideas. A rare venue at this international festival for advertisers and sponsors.

We present you with a team of dedicated minds guided by the concept of putting together an exclusive platform of people of the same nature. The art of molding experience and experiments into reality is advanced by science. Eventually, these assembly realities give birth to the diverse fields that all together form a world known as research, technology, and development.

A dais where people from different parts of the world meet and discuss subjects, ranging from physics to medicine, often beneficial to the development of human society, is the Science Meet Icon conference. In addition, news and opinions are exchanged among employees around the world.
Science Meet Icon aims to build a knowledge resource, unparalleled challenges and their solutions in such a way that it strengthens the very heart of the scientific community and thereby adds values to human society. 

·         Renowned speakers and scientists across the globe
·         Poster presentations and world class exhibits
·         Panel discussions and interactive sessions.
·         B2B meetings.
·         Perfect platform for Global Networking.