Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Alessandra Turini Bolsoni-Silva

São Paulo State University -UNESP, Brazil

Title: The impact of parenting and maternal depression on child behavior problems: moderation effects


Even though associations between maternal depression, parenting, and problem behaviors among preschoolers and school-aged children are widely studied, some gaps remain regarding the mechanisms through which these variables affect behavior. The objectives include identifying (a) the impact of parenting and maternal depression on behavior, measured by the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL), considering the total score of problems and clinical profiles for internalizing, externalizing, or both problems combined, and (b) the moderating effect of positive parenting. A total of 101 biological mothers, married or in a stable union, with children attending preschools or primary schools participated. The mothers completed validated instruments addressing maternal depression, parenting practices, and problem behaviors. Data were treated using univariate and multivariate regression analyses considering total scores for problem behaviors and the different profiles. Moderation analyses were also performed considering positive parenting and the different outcomes. Associations were found between negative parenting, current maternal depression, and problem behaviors (total, internalizing, externalizing, or combined problems), whereas positive parenting played a moderating role, mitigating the negative impact of maternal depression on child behavior. Thus, it is vital to encourage positive parenting to minimize the impact of depression and negative parenting on child behavior.