Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Mariana Müller de Freitas

the Franciscan University (UFN), Brazil

Title: Violence and Social Representation: Journalistic Speeches about Schoolshooting


The media, especially television news, are considered important for producing representations of what is reported. In this sense, the article aims to reflect about the social representations submitted in the media in relation to schoolshooting that happened at Escola Estadual Raul Brasil, in Suzano, São Paulo. A documentary research was carried out, based on the content of 6 videos (Youtube) of the newscasts announced for the 6 days after the the fact. The media was taken as a privileged macro-witness, assuming one of the important roles as a social actor, when it comes to showing the facts to beyond the thresholds that actually occurred. Wondered how the case of schoolshooting were featured, the meanings that carries the elements of the scenario of violence and how it reflects and builds on the social, through discourse analysis. The results were discussed from the topic and its ramifications: the emerging social representations and the polarization of meanings; the spectacularization and the political role of the media in the agendas of mental health and disarmament. It was conclude that the media actively participates in creating and disseminating meanings to the so-called acts of violence, as well as in explaining the facts to other social actors and they are called to generate new meanings about them, since these guide cultural practices, individual, therefore, political.