Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Paramita Debnath

International Institute for Population Science, India

Title: Prevalence of Depression, Anxiety and Stress symptoms as measured by DASS-42 among women in Delhi


Mental health problems are often ignored in societies and are barely studies in developing countries. Women face different mental health problems based on their socio-economic status, family structure and the nature of their participation in the labor market. However, like other cities, the extent of mental illnesses among women in Delhi is still unknown. Thus, the present study aims to examine depression, anxiety, and stress among women in Delhi.
Data from 293 women aged 18-49 years was collected from each ward of Delhi during October 2019 to March, 2020. The Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS-42), a self-report inventory, is used for data collection to assess the negative emotional symptoms among women. The data on household, parental and spousal characteristics were collected through designed questionnaires for the study.
Most of the women in the study reported a moderate prevalence of depression (74.7 percent), anxiety (57 percent) and stress (48.1 percent) symptoms. Our findings reveal that depression, anxiety and stress were positively and significantly correlated. Depression is strongly associated with the age group of women with p<0.001, while major stress symptoms (MSS) are more commonly observed among widows (47 percent). Based on the impact of the family background, it is found that women's mental health is associated with the education and work status of parents and husbands.
We found a moderate disorder of symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress (DAS) in women. Our study suggests the need to pay more attention to issues affecting mental health disorders such as marital status, poverty, poor education, poor housing quality, and above all, awareness of mental health problems.


Paramita Debnath has completed her PHD at the age of 28 years from International Institute for Population Science, Mumbai. She is now working as a project manager heading the social research department in Market Xcel Data Matrix, Delhi. She has about 11 publications in the peer reviewed Scopus journals. She has been serving as a reviewer for Sage journals.