Virtual Conference
Mental Health 2022

Shubhangi Singh

University of Delhi, India

Title: Understanding experience and ways of dealing with grief: A Narrative analysis


The purpose of the study is to understand how people experience and deal with grief after the loss of their loved ones. Grief is a feeling of unsettled, lost, heaviness, anger and many more complicated emotions. It impacts a person to a deeper level and varies from person to person. The data was collected from 8 participants who had lost their loved one in the past 6 months, the semi-strutted interviews were conducted online and offline both. The purposive and networking sampling was used for data collection. The interviews were transcribed and narrative analysis is used to understand and analyse the data collected. The major theme of analysis shows the experience of grief and ways of dealing with it depends on individual personality, situation, context, culture and society. It shows how the expression and ways to overcome it is influenced by multifactor within and outside of us.