Mental Health

Tatiana Martsinkovskaya

Professor , Russian State University For Humanitarians (RGGU-RSUH), Russia


Tatiana Martsinkovskaya has completed her PhD in 1990 at Moscow State University, and 5 years later, in1995becameprofessorofpsychology,alsoatMoscowStateUniversity.Till2016yearworkedatPsychological institute as the director of department. Now is the director of Institute of Psychology, Russianstate university for Humanitarians (RGGU-RSUH). She has over 300 publications that have been cited over3700 times andher publication H-index is 27.She has several grants andis the editor-in-chiefin twojournalsas wellasthememberofeditorialboardofreputedjournals

Reaearch Interest